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Inside the Locker Room

The new art of the draw requires adjustment from Lightning centers

by Erik Erlendsson | @Erik_Erlendsson | Like us on Facebook
October 4, 2017

TAMPA – The art of the draw requires a different stroke of the brush this season.

The artists of the faceoff circle this season must tweak their craft as the NHL looks to crackdown on faceoff violations to curb the amount of “cheating’’ that has crept too much into things before the puck gets dropped.

Players were angling their skates, set up outside of the t-markings on the ice. They were pushing forward, leaning in while trying to gain a positional advantage. Players would end up touching helmet-to-helmet before the puck was dropped, which started to create a safety hazard for the linesmen.

”It was probably getting a little out of hand,’’ Lightning head coach Jon Cooper said. “Everybody was cheating so bad, it turned in to a rugby scrum.’’

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