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A group effort: Predicting how the expansion draft will play out for Tampa Bay Lightning

By Erik Erlendsson | @Erik_Erlendsson | Like us on Facebook
June 13, 2017

The offseason is already underway.

Just hours after Sidney Crosby picked up the Stanley Cup and paraded it around Bridgestone Arena as the Pittsburgh Penguins captured their second consecutive championship, the clock started, counting down to several key dates in the offseason calendar.

While the buyout window is the first to come up on the list, it’s not the main focus. And for Lightning fans, don’t expect Steve Yzerman to utilize it this year, despite what anybody thinks about Ryan Callahan.

After that, it’s all about the expansion draft, which will unfold over the next 10 days, culminating with the revealing taking place on June 21 during the NHL Awards show.

In the days to come, there will be plenty of speculation about which players are protected and which players Vegas will end up selecting. So I invited a few other outlets to participate in an expansion draft by providing their choices for who will be protected by Tampa Bay and which Lightning player will be selected by Vegas.

Those participating are Corey Long from NHL.com, Alex Boucher and W.B. Philip from LightningShout.com, Trevor Grout from The Scrum Sports, Chad Schnarr of BoltProspects.com and Saima Siddiqi from RawCharge.com

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