Tampa Bay Lightning feeling positive vibe heading in to game against L.A.

Path to the playoffs daunting task for Tampa Bay Lightning, but not impossible

TAMPA, Fla. – Bring out your clichés.
It ain’t over until it’s over.
So you’re saying there’s a chance
It’s not over until the Fat Lady sings
You’ve heard them all before, trying to keep hope alive.
And this is why we love sports – because they are all true, just as Sunday’s Super Bowl taught us.
Down and out. The end of a legacy. Game over.
They were all uttered at various points during the game on Sunday. After the Falcons converted a pick-six to take a 21-0 lead. In the third quarter when the score was 28-3. At the start of the fourth quarter and Atlanta holding a 19-point lead. Then once...


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